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March 31, 2014

Fun rhythm app launched, xBeat

This new 3d rhythm game for iPhone, iPod, and iPad, is the first in a series of products that will be offered by MusicTools Software.

The game plays a beat and then you echo that beat, like Simon Says for rhythm. As you progress, the rhythms get faster and faster and more and more notes are added. The app is designed for music enthusiasts and musicians. It's great for beginners since you don't have to be able to read notes.

The company's algorithms reflect a completeness theory for music, making the products main-stream educationally. Beating a rhythm is fun, having access to all rhythms is powerful.

The best tool for composing music

MusicTools Software has been working on another project for many years. Not many people have seen it but it has been endorsed by some of the top composers and technical leaders in the world, including Tomas Svoboda and Salvador Brotons. In his endorsement, Brotons stated, "I believe that once [the developer] finishes this project, we will have the best tool for understanding how to compose."

The product introduces many new innovations for notating music but it goes farther than traditional notation software in that it presents palettes which allow users to sample mathematically complete music possibilities. Currently the software is available with limited licensing only.

Future plans for MusicTools Software

Android users will be pleased to know that xBeat isn't far from being available on their devices, theoretically. The code was made ready for the easiest possible transition. The brunt of the work will be in testing the various hardware touch and audio capabilities, interface programming, and accounting for multiple screen sizes.

The company's foremost goal is to go in the direction of social gaming, allowing people to play against each other. The next app will be a deluxe version of xBeat.